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Justin Woodside

Justin Woodside (Oregon State University) is a native Oregonian who moved to Southern Oregon from Lake Oswego in 2001. He is a father of two children, Keelie 4 and Adler 1 and husband to his wife of 7 years, Jeanetta Woodside (University of Oregon). Justin earned a degree in Business Management, along with a Minor in Nutrition & Food Management. In 2009 Justin started his insurance career with COUNTRY Financial in Southern Oregon and is grateful for the learning experience that captive agents must endure. Justin gets involved with the community in a variety of ways, some business and some personal. Business Network International has been a big part in the success that has afforded Justin his opportunity to becoming a local business owner at Focus 1. Justin enjoys playing softball at the US Cellular fields, fishing in the local rivers and lakes and spending time in the outdoors camping all with his family.

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